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Alice Stuart - All the Good Times
All the Good Times Playlist
1.Leavin' Home
2.I'll Pawn You My Gold Watch and Chain
4.Seven Daffodils
5.Black Jack David
6.James Alley Blues
7.Everyday Dirt
8.Once I Had a Sweetheart
10.Bad Girl
11.Seven Beers With the Wrong Woman
12.I Can't Help but Wonder
13.All the Good Times
Bonus cuts on CD release - not on the 1964 vinyl album.
14.Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
15.Follow Me Honey, I'll Turn Your Money Green
16.Lady Margaret
17.Kassie Jones
18.Take It Slow and Easy
19.Three Jolly Rogues
20.Woman Blue
21.Frankie and Johnny

Alice Stuart samples - Can't Find No Heaven BONUS: Samples from "Can't Find No Heaven"

CD:  All the Good Times
Audio CD (November 26, 2002)
Original Release: Vinyl (1964)
Label: Arhoolie Records
Catalog: #9034
ASIN: B00006SFB8

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"A beautiful new female voice is now on the folk horizon. Its owner's name is Alice Stuart. She sings with a clean freshness that is exciting in its simplicity. A folk find!"
  —Billboard Magazine, 1964

"The plaintive female voice has long been a staple of the folk music scene. Joan Baez and July Collins provided its most polite, studious form, with various free-spirited gals tearing away at it ever since. In the early '60's, Seattle native Alice Stuart practically fell sideways into this historical timeline. She mainly wanted somewhere cool to hang out, and since bongo-filled coffeehouses seemed like the swinging place to be, Stuart purchased a Burl Ives songbook and taught herself a few tunes. Following an invite to play at the prestigious Berkeley. Folk Festival, she moved down to the Bay Area and became a leading foremother of the chicks-can-rock-too movement.

As heard on her recently reissued 1964 debut, 'All the Good Times,' Stuart was remarkable in a variety of ways, not the least of which was her broad repertoire. Performing old Carter Family tunes, Tin Pan Alley standards, hillbilly yodels, and Furry Lewis blues numbers with equal aplomb, Stuart must have blown away her authenticity-obsessed audiences, back in the days when reissue labels were scarcely a twinkle on the horizon. Her familiarity with such arcane material came coupled with an adorably precious voice that made her assault on the male-dominated scene that much more brazen. Although she was 20 years old at the time of her first record, Stuart sounded 15, with an adolescent cheekiness that has echoed through the decades in the work of artists like Rachael Sweet, Bratmobile, and the Gossip."
  —Lawrence Kay, San Francisco Weekly, December, 2002

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