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Alice Stuart and the Formerlys - House Party

House Party Play List (DVD)and 2 CD set
DVD (Songs with asterisks are only on the DVD and not on the CDs):
2.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
3.Wild Bill Jones
4.Big Boss Man
5.I Feel Like Hank Williams
6.In My Girlish Days
7.I Don't Want You Hangin' 'Roung
8.In Between Song patter
9.Rhythm Train
10.In Between Song patter
11.Going Crazy with the Blues
12.In Between Song Patter
13.I'm Going to New York City
14.I Lose Control
15.Hard Time Killin' Floor
16.It's Gonna Be Alright Sometime
17.In Between Song Patter
18.Turn Your Money Green
19.Moonlight Serenade
20.Highway Blues
22.Train of Love
23.Shout for Joy
24.Drop Down Daddy
House Party CD, Set One:
1.Wild Bill Jones
2.Big Boss Man
3.I Feel Like Hank Williams
4.In My Girlish Days
5.I Don't Want You Hangin' 'Round
6.Rhythm Train
7.Going Crazy with the Blues
8.I'm Going to New York City
9.I Lose Control
House Party CD, Set Two
1.It's Gonna' Be Alright Sometime
2.Turn Your Money Green
3.Moonlight Serenade
4.Highway Blues
6.Drop Down Daddy

DVD plus 2 CDs:
Label: Country con Fusion
Catalog: #106
$35 includes shipping in Continental United States. Please add $5 for overseas shipping
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Review of DVD set, 2012 in Washington Blues Society Newsletter:

When Alice Stuart & the Formerlys were putting things together to go down to the famed Ardent Studio in Memphis to record their album "Freedom" with multi Grammy winning producer Jim Gaines, they knew from the start that it was an ambitious project. A music who's who have utilized Ardent Studios from Led Zeppelin to the Staple Singers, ZZ Top to Bob Dylan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Albert Collins, Coco Montoya, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughan and hundreds more from all genres of music. Just traveling the 2,000 plus miles down to Memphis for the Freedom Sessions with all their gear would take some financing and any artists can tell you that it is easy to pour thousands of dollars into putting out a well produced CD.

Alice came out with an inspired way to put some of the finances together by reaching out to her fan base for support (before the advent of "Kickstarter" which is now helping many artists realize their goals). She came up with a plan of tiered support levels, not unlike those fundraising drives on public radio and TV where there were different perks offered for the various levels of support. Starting with pre-release signed CD's, to inclusion on the CD liner credits and ultimately a house party or two. House Party, a two CD plus DVD combo package, is from one of these house parties. It was filmed live in the front room of Glen and Susan Beebe's home on a warm and sunny August 25th, 2007. With the release of Alice's House Party combo pack you can sit in your own living room and experience a virtual house party of your own whenever you get the urge.

The video of House Party was filmed by Richard DePartee and the recorded by Glen Beebe. The digital transfer and CD mastering was by Mark Miller of Karla Studios in Fremont and the video editing and DVD mastering was performed by Nathan Bosseler of Impact Studio Pro in Issaquah. House Party is not a big budget production with a multiple camera crew where one camera is doing close ups of the players hands, another on their faces, another wide, one low, one looking down and several more panning in and out all edited together, this is a smaller affair with one camera; but that just ads to the intimate feeling of the show and makes viewing it feel more like you were sitting in the audience.

Glen informs his invited guests at the beginning of the show that it is a party not a concert and if they want to get up and get a glass of wine or some food to go ahead and do so. The filming and audio are not 100% glitch free but the glitches are very minor and not a distraction. This is a very enjoyable film to watch and listen to. Alice plays both acoustic and electric guitars and is accompanied by her band mates in Alice Stuart & the Formerlys' Steve Flynn and Marc Willett. Due to the intimate room size and the setting, they did it without their drummer, Rick Boice.

The set features 19 songs from across Alice's career with five selections included from her then brand new Freedom release. The DVD includes several 'in between song breaks' where Alice, Steve and Marc interact with the audience which adds to the feeling of being in the room for the show. The House Party DVD/CD combo package gives you two ways to enjoy this thoroughly pleasurable experience. For fans of Alice Stuart, the combo pack is an essential addition to your collection. If you are not yet a fan this package makes a wonderful starting place.

"Stuart's guitar recalls that of B.B. King, relying on style more than speed. She says a lot with a few well-placed notes."
  —Michael Cote, Blues Review Magazine, Feb 2003

"...Her comeback should have been heralded as a major event. A first rate artist"
  —Dirty Linen, Feb 2003

"Alice Stuart inhabits the Blues, she wraps her voice around songs, squeezes the blues out of electric and acoustic guitars and tickles the dark corners of the soul with a bottleneck...two of the best songs on this CD are originals..."
  —Mark Whittington, the San Jose Mercury News, Sept 2003

"Stuart has an incredible sense for each song she performs. She can play the acoustic and electric guitar with equal deftness and passion... she lays it all on the line in every song. This woman is a monument to the blues. It's time she got all the respect she deserves as one of the most important contributors to the genre and a trailblazer for women artists all over the world"
  —Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, Blues Matters, U.K. Jan 2003

"Alice can put many male and female bluz guitar slingers acronnin' with their tails tucked between their legs...not a sleeper song on the whole CD. She can kick out some rough & ready roadhouse blues-n-boogie that would make Muddy Waters step to the side and ask her to join him...she kicks some major frigging ass people. She has a voice that could melt the Polar Ice Cap..."
  —Steve "Big Daddy" Harvel, Bluz Harp, August 2002

"The years haven't diminished her much. She can still play guitar and make you wanna' cry."
  —Willamette Week, (Oregon) Oct. 2000

"She gives the impression that she has not lost years of career but has saved them..."
  —David Wilson, Mountain Messenger, Sept 1999

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