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8/02 Saturday - Alice & the Formerlys 12:45 pm DB Cooper Music Festival This should be a real hoot! Fun and lots of entertainers like Curtis Salgado, Maria Muldaur and lots more! Yes! We go on pretty early so hopefully you'll be there ready and willing to party! If you go on their website and buy a ticket, you will get $2 off the price if you say 'who' sent you (me) So, don't wait do it! Check out their website
8/09 Saturday - Alice Stuart with Pat Tennis & Lance Johnson ?? O'Neal Winery It's been a couple of years since I've played here. Think we'll have a great time again! Got Pat and Lance to help me out. Might be a couple jammers from before that will show up and play with us! I will add details when I get them. Like 'time' and address....
8/16 Saturday - Alice Stuart 6:30-10:30pm The Repp Wow, new fans upstairs so we don't 'die' up there. It gets hot! Hopefully. I'll have Dan Tyack to help me out again!!
8/17 Sunday - Alice& the Formerlys 2:00 Hempfest We finally got invited to play at this huge festival! It's downtown Seattle. Map is on their website.
8/22 Friday - Alice Stuart 6:00-8:00pm The Laurelthirst Business as usual!! Happy Hour!
8/29 Friday 7:30 Triple Door Jr. Cadillac will be at the Triple Door! I'm won't be playing but I'll be there! Good times in the old town tonight!!
SEPTEMBER 2014 Printer-friendly VersionPrinter-friendly Version
9/05 Friday - Alice Stuart & Ned Nelter 9:00 pm Egan's Ballard Jam House Hey, hey! We'll have Steve Flynn on the keys to help us out! This is my first chance I've had to play with Ned. I'm excited!
9/11 Thursday - Alice & Rod Cook 8pm-12am Salmon Bay Eagles Rod and I will do solo sets and then the last one will be together! Mr. Guitar himself. He's the best of the West as far as I'm concerned! This should be a great show. Please make it better by showing up! The address is: 5216 20th Avenue NW in Seattle. Don't miss it!
9/26 Friday - Alice Stuart 6:00-8:00pm The Laurelthirst Please come because I WON'T be there in October! Back in November. I'd love to see you all!
OCTOBER 2014 Printer-friendly VersionPrinter-friendly Version
10/19 Sunday - Guest of Emily Herring 7:00 Al's Den at Crystal Hotel (McMennamin's) I will be the guest of Emily Herring tonight. She will do the first set and I will do the 2nd set, probably around 8 pm. She will follow with a 3rd set. Should be fun, my first time here. Please come and enjoy! 303 Sw 12th Ave, Portland, OR. I won't be at the Laurelthirst this month, so please stop by. (And I WON'T be at the Laurelthirst on Friday starting in November. We're going to try Saturdays in Nov and December. We'll see how that goes!)
10/24 Friday - Alice Stuart 7:30-10:00pm Concert in Seattle If you know where the YMCA is in West Seattle, you can find it easily! Fauntleroy Church & Fauntleroy YMCA, 9140 California Ave SW (actually continues off SW Barton Street towards Fauntleroy Ferry terminal, the "California Ave" isn't easy to identify because it's a short distance along the road before the road gets named something else) -- Fellowship Hall (not church sanctuary) There ought to be driving directions at
10/31 and Nov 1 - Halloween - Alice & Benny Sidelinger 7pm-11pm Little Creek Casino This is listed at being in Shelton, but it's not that far. We will play solo sets and then 1 giant duo set! Benny is a great player and it will be fun to get a chance to play with him again. He plays banjo, dobro and guitar and even has a one-man-band set up with drums, etc. Pretty cool!
NOVEMBER 2014 Printer-friendly VersionPrinter-friendly Version
11/01 Saturday - Alice Stuart & Benny Sidelinger 7-11:00 pm Little Creek Casino See October 31st!
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